We all have had this thought at some point in our lives. Why do we even bother to do something, to live in a certain way, or even to try out something new? Yes. The bottom line is we die. If you think like that even eating and sleeping can be thought of as silly as well. Yes, we will die eventually. That’s why we are born for: to run this marathon of life and jump hurdles and one day to collapse. Maybe some people’s paths will be extravagant they do not need to do a lot of running. Some on the other hand will have a lot of hurdles put in our way. Some people will just give up and collapse on their own because the road is too rough for them to run on. It does not really matter we know we are going to collapse one day, what matters is we try to decide to run or walk or jump within our own capacities.

The bell jar in the book is a symbol of entrapment of emotions, depression, and mental illnesses. Slyvia Plath, just a month after the publication of Bell Jar, her only novel, committed suicide in her apartment. She was suffering from depression throughout her life.