Author: Sandaru R.

Casual Eyes Creative Studio

말 못다 한 말

날씨가 더울 때 기다렸다.날씨가 추울 때 기다렸다.말하지 못한 말이 남았다. 행복할 땐 기다렸다.슬플 땐 기다렸다.말하지 못한 말이 남았다. 어느 날, 말하지 못한 그 말이 나를 기다리고 있었다!나는 도망쳤다. Translation and Notes: I waited when the weather was hot. I waited when the weather was cold. There were things…


Heartstopper Changed My Book Biased Opinion

I typically avoid reading romance as a genre and graphic novels as a medium because I assumed I would not enjoy them. I started reading the Heartstopper series thinking it was just a story about two adolescent boys falling in love, but as I finished all four volumes in one night I have already fallen in love with the entire series.

Casual Eyes Creative Studio

Dried Petals

Every ounce of effort  To keep myself hanging on To the tied twine thread Colors fading The small stalks bearing me in an inflorescence Becoming thinner day by day Excited for your admiration For my dried petals I am grateful I am still not dead in your heart….