Ravihari, S. Dried Petals, 2021

Every ounce of effort 

To keep myself hanging on

To the tied twine thread

Colors fading

The small stalks bearing me in an inflorescence

Becoming thinner day by day

Excited for your admiration

For my dried petals

I am grateful I am still not dead in your heart.

My husband once bought me flowers on my birthday. It was a bouquet of red and white roses with a few daisies. I put it in a jar of water for a while and decided I needed to dry these flowers because I wanted to keep them as long as possible and because I adore the look of dried flowers. So I used a twine thread to hang them upside down in my room. I was told several times that I should think about getting rid of these dead flowers. To be honest, I never thought of them as dead. They represent the first time I received flowers and the preservation of what is precious to me. I imagined how the flowers would react to my affection for them and penned this poem from their point of view. p.s. The dried flowers are still hanging upside down in my room, and I adore them.