I thought I look at the clock only two times a day.

For it’s 11:11 both times, too much of a cliche?

“It’s a good omen!” that’s what they say.

As if the rest of the day is all marked in grey.

At first, I believed too; the universe has a message.

For me! Yeah, It made me believe there are good things on my way.

Then I realized there is no need to overplay

As I do look at the time 960 times every day!

11:11 is said to be significant both astrologically and numerologically. People consider seeing 11:11 when you look at the clock means the universe is sending you a positive message or that your gut feeling is right. I too noticed 11:11 on my phone whenever I look at it. At first I too believed something positive is on the way or that the universe has something bundled up for me. Even if it took some time, I realized I’m just outstretching the simple idea of me seeing 11:11 when in reality I do look at the time all day long. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself that I don’t need to wait for the universe to send me a good message, but to wake up and act on my own.