Last night I went to sleep with a big heart and a heavy head;
The morning today, I thought “lighter” I felt!
Where my burdens vanished to? Who took my woes away?
I saw the invisible stains on my poor pillow and realised where they went.

Oh, my poor pillow, did I keep you the whole night awake?
I remember the days when you were lighter and free of aches.
Now you are heavy, heavier I cannot even lift,
to console you the same way, you did me the same.

Thus, I am grateful for your being,
you see my sorrow up close and take my tears in.
Others who see my worries have too many queries,
but you have none, and you only carry.

Forgive me, feather friend, you shall carry my burdens now.
The world mustn’t see my heart, for I shall not allow.

On some days, your pillow may weigh more than a sack of rice. ‘A sack of rice’ is heavy for everyone, but especially for those who know how difficult it is to buy that. The use of a pillow metaphor is as heavy as emotional burdens that are heavier than materialistic burdens. On social media, people only brag about their accomplishments and happy memories. Worries, anxieties, and insecurities may only be known by their pillow. This poem is dedicated to those who are struggling and putting their problems to rest.