“Tick-tock Tick-tock” The pocket watch

Yes, I went down a rabbit hole!

I am not the right size for anything

Too big to get into the garden

Too small to use a key to get out

Not knowing the tears I shed when big

Shall drown me in  when I shrink

Why did I do as I was told?

“Eat Me!” Yes sir!, “Drink Me!” Why not

Smiling like a Cheshire cat: “We are all mad here”

To come into this pitfall, I must be too!

Mad like mad hatter will ever be!

Where is the garden I was looking for?

White rose bush only painted red 

To look nicer to the outer world

I shall now scream my head out 

To wake up from this bad dream.

I got the idea for this poem after seeing an unfortunate case of a girl who had experienced domestic abuse in her marriage. I drew imagery from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", the girl who followed a rabbit down a rabbit hole and wandered through a bizarre paradise filled with mad hatters, queen of hearts, Cheshire cats, and caterpillars. Anyone who has experienced domestic violence, regardless of gender, was either enticed into the relationship or marriage with the promise of gardens full of flowers only to discover the roses were all painted by the abuser. They are being treated as if they are not worth it. The abuse comes in different forms either by Gaslighting, physical abuse or mental abuse. The only difference between Alice and the abused person is that Alice could actually wake up when the dream ends. That may not always be the case for the abused people.